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High Protein Diet Food: Eat To Lose Weight

Why are you leaner with higher protein intake?

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Protein is not stored in the body.

Fat can be easily stored. You can store thousands of calories of fat.

Carbohydrate can be stored to a limited degree as glycogen. Glycogen stores in the liver, and you can store several hundred calories of glycogen.

But protein doesn't really store in the body. It is either used to build something, like muscle, or you burn it up and use it for energy.

That is why you need to eat protein often. You want to keep the flow of protein in your blood so your body can keep rebuilding itself and you can stay strong.

When you do that your metabolism stays high and you can lose weight.

But where do you get protein? It is pretty simple, really. All animal products have protein. Animal products are meat, poultry, fish, eggs and milk.

Lean protein

So if you use meat, eggs or milk the only thing you have to do is find out which ones have the most fat.

Animal products are protein and fat. Meat does not contain any sugar or carbohydrates. So the lower the fat the higher the protein.

You want to limit the amount of fat you eat, because fat has so many calories.

Meat varies in the amount of fat it contains. Bacon tastes good. Bacon is 69% fat. You can't eat a lot of bacon and hope to lose weight.

Tuna tastes good. Tuna is 90% protein. You can eat tuna and lose weight.

Skinless chicken breast fillets are 25% fat. Twenty-five percent of the calories from fat is a good goal for meat in your diet. If you choose meat that has about 25% of the calories from fat you can lose weight. You will be able to have the right amount of fat in your diet.

Other sources of protein

You can also get lean protein from vegetables. Beans and whole grains are good sources of vegetarian protein, and there is very little fat.

However you have to choose your vegetables carefully. Beans, for example, have about 5 times as much carbohydrate as they do protein. So you can end up with a lot of carbohydrate in your diet. And too many carbohydrates will make it hard for you to lose weight.


Vegetarians can use soy products for protein. Soybeans have the highest amount of protein of any non-meat products.

Tofu is made from soybeans, and you can use tofu to add protein to your diet. Soy protein is also used in a variety of meat-free products like veggie burgers and veggie dogs that are available in many grocery stores.

You can also use protein supplements. The main reason to use a protein supplement is for convenience. Supplements are not better than whole food. The best thing you can eat is whole, natural high protein diet food.

However sometimes it can be hard to get a good meal. You might have limited time on a break, or you might be traveling. In that case a couple of scoops of protein in milk or a high-quality protein bar is a good idea.

So try to keep your hands off the chips and candy. Eat your protein.

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