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High Intensity Interval Workout

by Roderick Steele

This is a High Intensity Interval Workout I developed, that turns the usual formula of 2:1 around.

Instead of resting twice as long as the amount of time you gave your maximum effort (for instance you sprint for 30 seconds and jog for a minute) you do the opposite.

You give your maximum effort for whole minute and then have 30 seconds of rest.

The first workout set is a whole body workout that puts heavy emphasis on the legs. I started out with jumping jacks, jumping rope (or you can mime jumping rope), squat thrusts, and rope climb (the rope climb is one of the workouts used in the Insanity program); make sure to repeat this first workout set 2.

Then I focused on upper body; I did push ups, standing hook punches left and right, clapping push ups, the standing uppercut punches.

And lastly I would finish with a combination workout that had me do 4 push ups, do 8 mountain climbers while still in the push up position, and finish of the movement with a squat thrust.

I do that last workout till I can't do it anymore (and trust me by this point it won't be very long till that happens).

Remember for each workout do it for one minute at your absolute maximum effort (I cannot emphasis that last part enough).

This is an effective full body high intensity interval workout that is perfect for when you can’t get outside. In fact this workout was harder then most outside running I usually do.

Enjoy the challenge this workout provides and always remember to push yourself through.

Do you need a little more help with your weight?

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