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High Intensity Cardio And Weight Training

by Alana Steveans

OK the first thing I like to do for my high intensity workout is get on the treadmill. I put the treadmill on a high incline and the speed at 5.5.

The incline stays the same the whole time and I change the speed in 1 minute intervals.

So I run at 5.5 for 1 minute then I put the speed at 3.0 and go a little slower for the next minute. I keep doing this for 20 minutes.

After I finish the treadmill I get on the weight bench and do some light weights. I like to put less weight and do more reps and sets. So usually I'll do 15 reps and 6 to 8 sets. Same thing for all the weights I use.

After doing 3 sets of 15 reps on each weight machine I get back on the treadmill set at 4.0 on a 2 incline for 10 minutes.

After the treadmill I get right on the stair climber and do this for 10 minutes. My stair climber has settings for my weight and what type of climbing I want to do.

I like to use the strength setting. This is a HIGH INTENSITY workout so I do get very sore the next day.

I do this workout every other day. I take a day in between each workout to let the workout do its job. That’s about it. I do stretch before the workout and usually jump in the pool and take a swim afterwards.

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