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by william fewtrell
(old saybrook connecicut, USA.)

Hello, I have so many questions and have tried so many things.

I always wanted to give one of those weight loss pills a try but some say the weight you lose is 75% body fat. What's the other 25%!!

I've tried eating healthy, and it did help a little bit. I started eating a lot of vegan dishes, and have stuck to a pretty intense plan of eliminating all unhealthy carbs and fatty food substances from my diet. And yes I lost a few pounds, but the months have passed, I'm still eating healthy foods and my weight hasn't gone down one bit.

I have tried walking and my cardio is great. I can take walks for miles and miles, but I come back home step on the scale and I don't lose a pound!

Please give me any advice you can, thank you.

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Pills, diet and cardio
by: Dr. Dan


I've never seen weight loss pills lead to permanent weight loss. As far as the 75%/25%, if 75% is fat then the other would have to be lean tissue -- muscle mass -- and that will lower your metabolism.

If your weight is still too high after improving your diet it could be that there are other sources of unhealthful calories in your diet. A lot of people drink too much Coke and Pepsi. And fruit juice is pure sugar -- although we've been led to believe that it's healthy.

If your exercise isn't working you need to increase the intensity. That would mean a quicker pace, higher hills, or maybe adding some resistance training -- lifting weights -- to your routine.

Good luck,

Dr. Dan

Healthy Diet and Resistance Training
by: Josie


Taking supplements to help lose weight is generally NOT going to lead to successful, permanent weight loss. As to plans that claim to lose 75% body fat, the other 25% would have to be a combination of lean body mass and water weight. The best way to lose weight, and attain optimal health in general, is to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet and regularly engage in physical activity, including weight resistance training.

Though you may have cut fat and carbs from your diet, how much protein foods are you ingesting? Also eating very low amounts of carbs and fats can back-fire as the body will naturally crave these nutrients. The key is balance.

Good luck in your weight loss efforts.


Eating healthy blues...
by: Anonymous

I understand your frustrations--you've made a commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle yet, you fail to see the results on the scale. In my opinion, diet pills are not the solution. I've heard so many stories of how these have been a false hope to people. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet someone where these have been successful. It's really all about your lifestyle and making the small changes in your day to day life.

First of all, congrats on eating healthy! My only concern is in regards to the quantity of the food you are still eating. If you are eating a lot of breads and pastas, this can still be very fattening. Also, be sure not to restrict your calorie intake too much. Your body needs at least 1200 calories unless otherwise directed by a doctor to function correctly. Once you reduce your calorie intake below 1200, you are at a higher risk of seeing a failed diet plan because your body is doing everything it can to actually conserve the calories used as it thinks you are experiencing a food shortage.

Also, perhaps you can increase the intensity of your workout--maybe walk a little further and a little faster. Best of luck!

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