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Heart Attack Grill - Chandler, AZ

by Jon

This fast food restaurant in Arizona has got to be the worst place to go if you want to lose weight or if you just want to stay alive.

Their hamburgers range from a half-pound (a large burger in itself) to two pounds.

The owner embraces the unhealthy food and makes sure not to have any diet cola as an option for a drink.

The fries are made in pure lard, not adhering to the standard of fast food joints nowadays using 0g trans fat "healthy" oil.

Not only are the burgers huge, but they come with tons of cheese (the two pound burger has at least eight slices) and can come with bacon and other weight-gaining helpers.

In addition to even this, the owner embraces large people-if you weigh more than 350 pounds, you eat for free!

At the end, the "nurses" will escort you out in a wheelchair after Dr. Jon (the owner) checks your vitals.

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Heart Attack Grill - Chandler, AZ

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Quadruple bypass burger?
by: Dr. Dan


You've discovered quite a place.

The burger at the Heart Attack Grill with 2 pounds of hamburger and 8 slices of cheese is called the "quadruple bypass burger." (A quadruple bypass is a heart operation where they have to replace 4 of your arteries because they are badly damaged.)

And they've got no-filter Lucky Strike cigarettes on the menu.

I know it's all in fun (sort of.) But feeding people for free who weigh over 350 pounds?

Dr. Dan

seducing the food in the restaurant
by: Anonymous

The above comment is absolute fact. If you want to face some cholesterol problems like a heart attack you are welcome to this worst restaurant in Arizona.

The burgers have a ton of cheese dripping over the burger.

The owner is a real lean person who wants to make the people again weight by going to his restaurant. He offers discounts for the over weight person.

I am sure I will never visit this restaurant.

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