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by aunty sheila
(eighty-four, PA USA)

After I had my first baby I was a bit of a flabby mess. I was eighteen years old then. (My baby is seventeen years old now).

My grandma gave me a THIGHMASTER and the video that accompanies it, led by the one and only MISS SUZANNE SOMMERS.

I have gained and lost, firmed and flabbed many times over. I've tried other workouts, gyms, crazy diets but I think the best thing I've ever done was the thighmaster video from my grandma.

The workout is absolutely not just for your thighs. It works your arms, butt, abs, everything in between.

I was not in good shape then at all. I really took it easy being pregnant with her!

It is a fast paced, and great workout. I felt like I was going to die. I felt like I fell down the stairs the next day.

But I saw and felt results almost immediately. My tummy flattened and everything DEFIED GRAVITY!!

I felt awesome. I had so much energy. Every day I would go down to the living room and push myself to the limit. I felt so good.

I am a member of a gym now . . . . but I don't often go. I think I will get up in the attic and track down that THIGHMASTER and video. Suzanne, I need you!!

I would definitely suggest this workout to anyone.

I don't know if they actually still sell the thighmaster and accompanying video. But I bet if yiou look hard enough you can get one. Good luck!!!

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