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Hacky Sack Battles

by Lino Dehghani

I've played hacky sack (aka footbag) for at least a half hour over the last 5 years in the warmer months in Michigan. My equipment consisted of my mp3 player, a nice buzz, and footbag appropriate shoes.

I've been battling since I was 15 years old.

The first time I ever saw someone playing hack was when I was being babysat by my sister Sarah. I was a small child and I ran up to a group of teenagers hacking away. I tried to get into the game but I was quickly herded back by my sister.

I'm skinnier than I was in my teens.

The agility required for tricks and the wear on the legs add to the difficulty.

I played by myself most of the time. Occasionally, at events such as DEMF (a techno festival), I would play in public and be all nasty....Yuck.

I still exercise.

I think people that want to lose weight while working out should find something that instrests them in order to insure the continue repetition in one's life....just saying.

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