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Gregory's Steakhouse, Allentown, PA

by Mary
(New York, NY)

I knew this wasn't "healthy" eating when I entered and saw all the signed celebrity photos from overweight celebrity wrestlers who won food eating contest here.

The drinks are served in what looked like 16 ounce glasses and my appetizer was enough for a meal.

I think if you asked the waitress for low fat butter or sour cream, she wouldn't know what to do with herself.

My steak arrived and I had to finish it as I was traveling so there was no place to store the leftovers but I waddled out of there.

The kicker is this is the home of the 120 ounce steak. This is definitely a heart attack waiting to happen.

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When is a steak too much?
by: Dr. Dan


I think I would stay away from that one. A 120 ounce steak is probably a little more than you need at one sitting.

We contacted Gregory's to see if they had nutritional information about their food. But their only comment was "no comment."

So let's do some calculations on our own. 120 ounces is 7 1/2 pounds. That's 3.4 kilograms of meat.

Now, that's going to be around 8,000 calories and 400 grams of fat.

That's not something where you eat half and take half home. That's enough food for you and your entire neighborhood with some left over!

Dr. Dan

Stay Away
by: gavanlady

this place has a manager that comes on like a pit bull. DO NOT complain to her she more like a bouncer than a manager .Told us to get the f#$@ out of the building and threw bussiness cards at us . I'm not into fighting and my husband kept his mouth shut (for once )the owner offered us a gift certifacte for ten dollars guess he really just not into customer service either . stay away

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