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Great Results

by Jo Ann Bowen

I didn't really join Weight Watchers, but I do use the meals. I was diagnosed pre-diabetic Feb. 2010. I was told to eat less carbs. and lose the sweets. Also to exercise. I did. I chose Weight Watcher Meals because it was so easy to figure the carbs, since most of the meals are 15 carbs. They are so filling and taste wonderful. I love them and have been eating them since.

In Nov. of 2010 I had lost over 50lbs. and was told I was no longer pre-diabetic. Yes I did walk, I started at 2 miles a day and worked up to 5 miles a day, but the meals are what helped me lose the weight.

I just wanted you to know that its not always a matter of looking better, its a matter of health. I am now 57lbs. lighter. I went from a size 16 to a size 4, which I might add is a little big. The doctor actually told me to gain some weight. I have now tried the Weight Watcher Desserts and I am so pleased with them. Once again, you know your carbs and the sugar intake. I don't have to be on a diet anymore, but I stay on it for my health.

I would recommend the Meals and Desserts to anyone and would be glad to share my story with you. It sends a spin-message to people. It's not only looking better, its feeling better and being healthier.


Jo Ann Bowen
237 Farrington Dr.
Apt. D
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 740-4080

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