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Got Sick On Cabbage Soup Diet

by Seb Bast

Had some weight to lose

About six years ago, finding that, like so many other people, I had several pounds to shed, I decided, being alone at home for a week, to try the cabbage soup diet.

I had been reading a lot of blogs about dieting, about really low cal diets, and I didn't want to do something too drastic.

Diet looked healthy

Someone had mentionned the cabbage soup diet and it looked promising. It looked healthy, being made with veggies, and it was simple.

You make the soup, then each day you drink soup and follow the seven days plan to know what you can eat this day (stuff like veggies, fruits, meat toward the end, with some rice).

Planned diet when alone

It looked like a no carb/low carb diet, looked nonetheless appetising, and I thought I would give it a go.

I waited to be alone at home for a week to avoid comments from my family, made the soup and began the week plan.

Became ill

It went well the first three days or so. I'm no fan of soup, but it was okay, plus I could eat other stuff, so I felt fine.

But then I got real sick. I had a severe case of diarrhea, with stomach pain and feeling a bit nauseous. I decided to stop the diet and dump the rest of the soup in the sink.

I think what happened is that: I had made a whole pressure cooker of the soup, then let it all those days in the counter.

At no point did I transfer the soup into something smaller to put it away in the fridge. I would each day put some soup into a bowl and microwave it.

The moral? Use your refrigerator...

So don't be dumb like me and pay attention to never leave food out like that.

I did lose weight...but it was because of losing so much water from being sick and barely eating afterwards, not feeling well.

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Should have drank more water
by: Janet

You may have been dehydrated. I did the diet about a month ago and got real bad stomach pains onthe
last day of the diet. I believe I was dehydrated.
Hope you're feeling better. It took me quite a long time to feel better from the diet.

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