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GM Diet- a bit too effective

by Anita

I went on the GM (General Motors) Diet for about 2 weeks. I took quite a bit of will power.

The first two days were just fruits and then just vegetables. The day with "just vegetables" was tough, and I found it difficult to concentrate on work, went on imagining all sorts of yummy food to eat.

The day with milk and bananas was good and the final day with a steak was wonderful -- this food had never tasted so good before.

All in all it was a positive experience. I had to force myself to drink the glasses of water recommended.

It seemed to be a well balanced, nutritious diet. I lost a lot of weight.

By the second week I lost more weight than i wanted and had to stop the diet. I was not very overweight when I started.

What was good that, by the end of the week the diet allows you to eat whatever you want, so I could eat out on the weekends.

The diet made me very conscious of what food I should put into my stomach though and had improved my will power a bit. I still eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead of other foods whenever I binge.

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Note from Dr. Dan


Your story brings up some very interesting points.

First, you mention that the "diet made me very conscious of what food I should put into my stomach." Most overweight people are not really aware of what they are eating.

They don't really realize the quantity of the food they are taking in. And they have no clear idea of what the food is made of. Is it protein? Carbohydrate? Good fat? Bad fat?

It's not so much about overeating. If you don't give your body the proper nutrition -- meaning proper building blocks -- you'll have an unhealthy body.

And unhealthy bodies have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and are overweight.

By the way, the "GM Diet" really has no connection to General Motors. Here's what Tom Wilkinson, a G.M spokesman told Roger Cohen, a columnist for the New York Times:

“We’ve concluded it’s an urban myth. It’s a fairly unconventional diet, and in the 1980s G.M. was the most conventional of companies.”

Dr. Dan

Comments for GM Diet- a bit too effective

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GM diet plan for veggie
by: NO junk

I am like really confused at what all can be the substitute of the non veggs in the GM diet plan. Every website I visit has a new substitute..

Pls if someone could throw some light.

I started diet today- the gm diet
by: Swetha

I understand this is to put in comments after comPleting the diet program.. But I thought what's wrong in giving daily
Update. So its the first day and the fruits day! It was a little difficult. Not very though. I have to loose 60 pounds to get to my ideal weight. So let's c. I'm feeling lighter already. And the best part is my weighing scale already showed 2 pounds less.! Just hope it's going to work all the way n I keep the will power to do so! All the best for me!

GM Diet Fan
by: Olivia

I also did the GM diet this past week and loved it. I lost 8 lbs in the 7 days. The first two days were a little difficult but it was good because you could have unlimited of fruits and veggies. By the time day 4/5 came around I wasn't hungry at all and I am ALWAYS hungry! I'm recommending this diet to everyone, I really like the way it works, and I agree with above that it definitely teaches you healthier habits.

GM Diet Success
by: Pree

I did the GM diet last week to the tee for 5 out of the 7 days and lost 12 pounds exactly! I am now more conscious of what I'm putting into my body and am only going to be drinking water for the rest of my days (with an exception of alcohol occasionally). It takes A LOT of will power I will admit but the results are worth it. I will be doing the diet again either this week or the following until my goal is reached! Eat smart and think before you open your mouth to put food in it :) Good liv to all of the newbies! :)

My experience after 1 week
by: Veria

Today is my last day of the GM diet. I started with fruit only and then vegetables only and then fruits and vegetables then it was bananas and milk and the day after was beef and tomatoes and the last day sixth was beef and vegetables and the last day being today is rice and vegetables no meet.

In terms of weight I started from 87.7 kilo grams and this morning I was 83.3 and I hope to be even less tomorrow morning. So I'm quite happy with the amount of fat that I lost.

But I think the GM diet is not only about losing weight or at least for me it was not only about losing weight. After the third day my body which was quite used to a lot of meat and fat felt really different; fresh and light and happy. A bit low-energy but honestly healthy

The other experience is, as I also read in some of the above comments, that I really now care about what is that I'm going to put in my mouth. I feel like a person with a healthy body and you clearly don't want to poison yourself by eating something unhealthy or greasy or too sweet

Last night I helped a friend move and after that it was around 10 PM and I was really hungry. My friend got a big pizza, a delicious one, but unlike my previous experiences, I really couldn't eat even one slice of that pizza. I was like I'm not going to ruin what I've been working for the past week

Scared but can't stop NEW
by: Mariea

This is my 4th time doing the Gm Cleanser...but this time it's a bit scary . I've lost 21 pds in 11 day's should I continue..I really Like The GM much Energy.Brughtens My Skin....

Juice on gm diet NEW
by: Veena

Hai its not advisable to take juice on first and 3rd day of gm diet. Why its so

2 weeks🤔 NEW
by: Paul

Hi guys... I'm about to start the diet in a couple of weeks and just wondered if I can do it for 14 days instead of 7? Back to back 7 day plan?

Thanks in advance

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