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get me back in shape

by Jackie

I am a 45 yr old mother of three and never really had a weight problem before . I use to work 40 -50 hrs a week and have now been a stay at who is caring for my son that was ill so I'm not as active any more so I'm getting a little pot belly . My question is what exercise can I do and foods can I eat to to flatten my tummy and tighten my muscles back up any help you could give would be great.

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by: Anonymous

It's really difficult to get in shape after 45yrs of age. It's tough but it is very much possible...

As you are growing older, 1st thing is take the advice of a DOCTOR or Dietitian about anything which you are going to start. After medical examination you can follow A Diet & Exercise regimen according to your body stamina.

TIPS:1.)Start with Walking and a little stretching,then slowly move towards jogging and little difficult exercises but all should be done under some supervision.
2.)YOGA: It'll help you a lot to reduce body fat moderately. This is the best for the people who can not even walk properly.
3.)Pranayam or Breathing Techniques: Not only it'll improve your metabolism but also make your mind at calm. So that you can concentrate on other important things happily. It'll really cheer up your mood for the whole day. But, do it at least for 3 months to get the actual benefit.
LAST: Commitment to your daily exercise routine is must otherwise one day you'll do and other day you'll become lazy. So be strict and Disciplined to achieve your goal of getting back in shape. Drink lots of water in between meals and have plenty of Fruits & Vegetables.

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