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From Overweight To Sexy -- One Woman's Results

From is a story of a woman that is an inspiration. Becky Griggs was morbidly obese. Now she's lean and healthy. How did she do it?

These days, Becky Griggs starts her morning well before the sun comes up, in time to meet her clients at the gym at 5:30. It’s a big change from six years ago, when she was 352 pounds and, as she calls it, engaged in a “slow form of suicide.”

Are there miracles in weight loss? Yes, there are. But the miracles don't come from pills and extreme diets. They come from having a plan and following it.

It didn’t happen over night, it didn’t happen with a “miracle diet” or a miracle weight loss pill. The hard work, and determination, and the will to live a healthy life, are her secrets.

So what's the main thing that you can learn from this? If Becky can do it -- going from 352 pounds to lean and sexy -- then you can too.

Make a plan. Follow the plan. Don't get in too much of a hurry. Do this and you'll reach your goal.


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