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From Exercise Idiot To Aerobics Girl!

by meganliu

I would have to say I’m not a sports or exercise girl. I was always lazy. Extremely lazy. Walking has always been my only exercise.

But suddenly one thing changed me: I went shopping one day with my younger cousin.

She is very slim and tall -- 100% model figure. We were shopping for some pants and shorts.

When I was about to try on some jeans I liked, I was so surprised. I could not get them on.

I was shocked. I never realized my couch potato habit had finally paid off.

I had extra weight on my butt and legs. I also had those love handles on my waist. OH, MY GOD. I was frightened.

NO! I NEED TO DO SOMETHING. But I was like a sports idiot. What can I do?

Then I went online and saw some aerobic videos. Honestly, I did not know what aerobics was until then. So I downloaded some videos and started to plan my routine.

Jogging, stretching, jogging and stretching... very simple movements. But you have no idea how tiring they are!

I could only do 10 minutes on the first day. After the 10 minutes, my face was all red and I had difficulty breathing.

Lying on the floor, I couldn’t stop sweating... it's all a painful memory. But I did not give up.

I extended the exercise 5 minutes every day, I'm still doing it and I am so hooked on this exercise. It has brought me good health and good body. It is just a perfect exercise for girls.

Right now, I’m not an exercise idiot any more. So what if I can’t do any sports and can’t run fast?

I can do aerobics. I’m good at aerobics. I’m an aerobics girl!

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