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Freshman 90X

When I started my freshman year of college (approx. 3 years ago) I was very fearful of gaining weight.

Late one night, while watching TV I saw an commercial for P90X. Coincidentally my sister already bought it before I had watched the commercial.

I was at first a skeptic. I played football and ran track all four years of high school. I believed there was no workout that could phase me because I was "in the best shape of my life".

First thing about this home workout is the "coach". He is a very energetic and encouraging person which brings the mood of the workout to a happier state so to speak.

The structure of the workout is circuit training, which is something that I was not use to. Circuit training is a workout that keeps you working out for longer periods of time without a break. There are still breaks but not that often.

Each DVD offers flavor. There are workouts for specific muscle groups but not only that there are other things such as cardio and yoga. Just before you think you're good you do a different set of workouts.

The first week of school I looked ridiculous trying to walk and having my knees buckle. I had difficulties raising my arms and if I sneezed my abs would instantly remind me of what I did before.

If one is looking for an extreme workout P90X is the way to go. No workout is stale, easy or repetitive. Highly recommended.

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by: David D

Yeah I agree. I started P90x about six weeks ago. I originally thought it'd be more about cardio, but you can tailor the workout to put more emphasis on muscle training.

If I had one qualm about P90x, it's that it doesn't do a good job at explaining about certain exercises to do to target a certain goal, such as weight gain. Anyway, it's still a great product!

It really hurt (just sore) the first week or so I used it, but gradually I got used to it. Although, you still feel a little sore every time. However, you do feel really great, and your confidence skyrockets.

I'm continuing to use P90X, especially since the circuit training method doesn't really let your muscles get bored. :)

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