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Forking Diet For My Perfect Body

by Tina

I want to tell you about my experience with the Forking Diet. Here's what happened:

I tried another diet, the Perfect Body Diet, in the past and let me tell you it really worked, though it was bit difficult to carry out. But before that let me tell you why I needed such diet.

Hectic schedules, long working hours, bad eating, over eating and zero work outs make you put on a lot of weight, and your perfect body doesn't seem perfect any more.

That's what happened to me and made me go crazy. I simply wanted my perfect body back and would do just anything to get it back.

I thought it was just because I simply ate too much and if I could manage eating less or skip meals, I may get back in my original shape.

So I took some extreme steps like skipping meals, which in the beginning made me feel as if I was losing weight, but no, that made me real sick.

I started getting frequent headaches, I lost my energy and felt hungry. Starvation made me weak, sick and very very hungry.

So I started eating even more than I ate earlier, which resulted in gaining more weight than before.

That's when my friend, who also happens to be a fitness expert, told me that the starvation technique for losing weight was wrong. He explained to me a simple diet program, in order to get my perfect body back. This diet was called the Forking diet.

The Forking Diet allows you to eat any food that can be prepared and eaten by a fork.

I followed this diet for around 3 months, and let me confess, these three months were kind of a nightmare.

The forking diet works because one is forced to eat very moderately and selectively.

It made me eat a lot of vegetables as they can be comfortably eaten by a fork, but many other foods were a total no-no. Like almost all nuts, sandwiches, burgers, yogurt, breads, cheese, ketchup. This includes almost all snack foods.

Thankfully, I was allowed to eat pasta, rice, fish, beans, wheat and lentils, which was kind of a life saver, as I could at least try out any of these in the restaurants and parties. The best part of this diet was that I did lose a couple of pounds every week.

The positive results encouraged me to carry on with this Forking Diet for three months, and it went very well, at least as far as weight loss is concerned.

I have decided that I will definitely try going on this diet again once every six months. People like me, who really want to get their perfect body back, should try out this diet.

It may seem difficult in the beginning, but trust me it isn't that difficult, as it definitely puts you back in shape. Just kind of makes you perfect!!


When you're finally ready to lose weight...

Note from Dr. Dan


Very interesting. Although you could probably figure out how to eat potato chips with a fork, it does make you more aware of snack foods, and they can be a killer.

And it looks like soup would be out of the picture.

Now, you say that, "Hectic schedules, long working hours, bad eating, over eating and zero work outs make you put on a lot of weight..." Truer words were never spoken.

It is not just your diet. Sometimes the first steps to losing weight have nothing to do with diet. It may be the hectic schedule and life stress that has to be handled before you can make any progress.

Dr. Dan

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