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Flyes -- pectoral muscles

Flyes are exercises for the pectoral muscles in the chest.

Flyes are one of the best exercises to really isolate the chest muscles. There are a lot of other exercises that work the chest, like push ups and bench press. But flyes isolate the chest better than almost any other exercise.

Start with arms outstretched

Flyes -- starting position

Flyes -- starting position

You start with machine flyes with the arms outstretched. You can also do this exercise on a bench with a dumbbell in each hand.

Bring your hands together

Flyes -- second position

Flyes -- second position

Contract the chest muscles and bring your hands together. Hold for a moment, and then return to the starting position.

Choose the proper weight

You need to use a light enough weight that you don't have to jerk the weight. You should be able to make a smooth movement.

When you do this with dumbbells on a bench you should keep the elbows bent a little. That makes it easier for you to keep control of the weight.


For variation you can do partial movements. For example, touch the hands together, then spread your arms only to 45 degrees. This will really emphasize the middle of the pectoral muscles.

But if you do partial movements, finish off with sets of flyes that use your full range of motion. You don't want to be strong in one part of your range of motion but weak in another part.

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