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Flat Belly Diet Flop

by cherie

Upon the advice of a co-worker who bought the Flat Belly Diet book and seeing her lose 10 lbs over 6 weeks, I got encouraged.

I am 15 lbs overweight and if I only lost ten of it I would be more than happy.

The Flat Belly Diet consisted of a 28-day diet plan consisting of having to consume monounsaturated fats and grainy foods that are unprocessed. I was able to reach day 15 which was my birthday.

I got interested in it because it does not really cut back on anything and does require me to exercise. I had a 3 month free trial at the website which was interactive and fun too.

First I had to drink the sassy water, which is a combination of spices, cucumber, and citrus fruits to detoxify me. It discouraged me from eating sweets or simple carbs such as pasta and rice. I love both sweets and pasta.

It encouraged monounsaturated fat intake like nuts, grains, and oil which I am not fond if.

Actually, I just liked this diet because I don’t have to exercise.

Well… it did not work for me probably for these reasons: because I don’t like nuts and grains.

Second, I like sweets a lot. I find myself cheating with chocolates.

Third, I don’t feel full with olive oil and the other monounsaturated fats. Instead my taste buds are overwhelmed so I look for saltier food instead. I end up eating more.

I don’t recommend this for anyone who likes sweets.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You mention this in your message: "Actually, I just liked this diet because I don’t have to exercise."

There are lots of diets that say you don't have to exercise. But actually, you don't have to do anything that you don't want to do. In life you make choices. No one is forcing you to do anything.

So you have weight you would like to do. You pick a diet so you "don't have to exercise." And in the end you don't lose the weight. What about the time and effort and emotional energy you put into all of this?

I wonder about the honesty of programs that promise you the moon without doing any exercise. A completely sedentary existence is not a complete life. These bodies were meant to be used. Exercise is part of being alive.

Dr. Dan

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