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Five Mile Fat Burning Walk

by Cochis

My best workout is when I do Leslie Sansone's Five Mile Fat Burning Walk.

It consists of five miles that are 12 to 12 and a half minutes a piece. I can get five miles done in about an hour.

This workout is not just walking. It is knee lifts, kick backs, 2 minutes of jogging per mile and incorporates the arms.

I like to do it about twice a month. Its very hard by the end, but it is very worth it.

The first few times I did it, I could not finish it, but as I have lost more weight I have been able to get through it.

At first I was very sore, but I have since gotten used to it. I feel stronger and have more muscles in my legs and have a great accomplishment of walking five miles when I get done!

I still exercise every single day. I do various things, but I will do Leslie's three mile workouts on a normal day.

I have gotten a lot of my family members to try the 5 mile and have done it with them. I would make sure that you stretch and have water before beginning!

I am 28 years old and have lost 100lbs by doing workouts like this one.


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Note from Dr. Dan


Great job on losing 100 pounds! I love to hear about people who have really turned their life around like you did.

Walking is a "best exercise." If there is one exercise that's the most natural and beneficial for the human body, it's walking.

Dr. Dan

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