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Exercise Smarter: Fitness Myths Exposed

The field of fine art has more unfounded opinions than any other field. Which field is number two in the number of unsubstantiated or completely inaccurate opinion? It must be the field of weight loss, including fitness and exercise.

For everything ever devised to help you lose weight, there is some "expert" somewhere telling you why it is unhelpful, unnecessary or harmful.

There were eight of these fitness myths highlighted in an article by Cassie Piercey. I've commented on several of them below.

Myth #1: If you do more crunches, you will lose abdominal fat and love handles.

No, sorry, but you need to lose fat overall in order to lose fat in the midsection. However, strengthening the core is vital to your overall health. So core strengthening and stretching should be high priorities in your fitness routine.

Myth #2: You’ll lose weight if you avoid sugar; instead, load-up on artificial sweeteners.

This is one of my favorite myths. You would think diet soda would help you lose weight.

But it's just the opposite. Drink something sweet -- even if it's "diet" -- and your body is ready for a rush of calories. When that doesn't happen it turns up the cravings, almost forcing you to eat until your body gets the calories it is expecting.

Myth #4: You’ll lose weight if you don’t eat after 8 p.m.

This isn't a complete myth. You WILL lose weight if you don't eat after 8 P.M., as long as you don't eat more in the rest of the day to make up for it.

But if you skip your bedtime snack and then eat more during the day you won't lose weight.

It's the total energy intake, balanced against the energy you burn, that determines what you weigh.

Myth #6: If I eat more protein I will increase my muscle mass.

True, you can't just sit in the easy chair and eat protein and expect to gain lean mass.

On the other hand, you can't make lean tissue out of bagels and cream cheese.

To build lean mass you need to stimulate your muscles to grow. This means intensity of exercise that reaches the growth threshold.

But you need raw materials. In the case of muscle growth, that raw material is protein.


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