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Fattie King (Burger King)

by Santo Chamers

I think Burger King is the worst next to McDonald's and Wendy's. Not only do they have burgers and fries, but they have the greasiest ones. They have salads which is a plus and what I always get.

But fast food places are always bad and you're adding 2 pounds just eating a burger. And 3 pounds with all the fries. Not worth it.

Dear Santo,

When you get used to food that is so overwhelmingly greasy and salty and sugary-sweet your taste buds get paralyzed.

You eat it one day and you feel sick. But then you crave it the next day. And so you're back in the drive-through line.

If you can somehow break free from the vicious cycle of foods that are killing you, then you can begin to enjoy real food again.

Real, unrefined, healthy and natural food actually does have wonderful flavors. And it makes your body feel energized after you eat it.

But it takes some getting used to. If you eat a lot of junk food -- especially drive through food -- you ought to start a 2 week "junk food withdrawal program."

That's right. Two weeks without any junk food. Look here for some guidelines on what real food is, in proper quantities.

You'll look better. Feel better. And live longer.

Good luck to you,

Dr. Dan

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Comments for Fattie King (Burger King)

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McD Burgers
by: Anonymous

I'm from India...

I usually undergo a 1 week diet called a GM diet to reduce my weight. But during weekends when I go out with my friends for shopping, I cannot resist the burgers in MCDonalds.

Wowww.. The cheese and the mayonnaise... yummy.. I may not put much weight by eating just one burger.. but it has often spoiled my 1 week diet..

I forget my weight and diet when i come across the chat items... especially pani puri...

(Editor's note: Chat items -- also spelled chaat -- are savory snacks which are usually sold in roadside stalls in India. Panipuri is a popular street snack in India. It is fried unleavened bread filled with water, tamarind, chili, spices, potato, onion and chickpeas.)

These just tempt me so much. But when I go to a normal restaurants and buffets, I never have much trouble in maintaining my diet... I generally take low quantity of less oil and less fat main course and a good amount of soup.

I generally feel guilty after having a good food or a nice burger... so for the next few days at least I'll go for walk and take mainly fruits and salads.

by: DAznInvasion

Dear Santo,

Well I do agree with you that in a sense, Burger King is a bad and fat feeding company.

However I?d have to disagree with you that Burger King is worse than McDonald?s. McDonald does actually have much more sugar than Burger King.

McDonald?s has been actually scientifically proven to be fattening and also a main dominant cause for the fattening of people.

As a result, McDonald?s has taken action and introduced the new ?salad?, ?fat free? and ?fresh? meals, to maintain frightened customers.

It?s always best to just cook at home. That way you can save on the money to buy fast food and the energy/fees to get there.

Yours Sincerely,

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