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Fat on Belly ?

by Christie
(Texas, US)

All my life I have been struggling to lose weight till I found some proper books on dieting!

However I can't get rid of the last fat on my belly and I don't want my weight to drop further! How can I get rid of them stubborn love handles?

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Work hard...
by: Anonymous

My P.E. teacher told me to get rid of love handles you have to stretch such as reach with your right arm to the left in the air and switch and have your left arm in the air to the right. I have been doing this for awhile. It's very relaxing. Another suggestions is changing your diet. Or do some cardio if you are not doing it already. If it's your last resort than have surgery. You will be able to go back to work in a couple days. Just keep on doing what you are doing and never give up. If you have already lost weight than at least you accomplished some of your goals. Just some goals are harder to reach then others.

Solutions are many
by: Sunil_guru

This is one of the most common problems for fat belly. And when there is a problem, there is always a solution. Now, the solutions to your problem are many. First of all you need to control your diet which means avoid the intake of high cholesterol food, junk food, soft and hard drinks and smoking if you do. Take controlled measures against your diet every time you feel like eating. Secondly, try doing some exercise which does not need any particular time. The one that can be used just after 2 hours of food is lifting your leg in the air and balancing yourself on your hip. This might be little difficult initially however if you do that at least 10 times in a day for 30 days, you will see a great change. Try holding your leg and back balanced on your hip for few minutes or till the time you can handle it. Best of luck.

Belly fat loss
by: Anonymous

Accumulating a large amount of fat around the belly part is quite common. To get rid of this fat you must do various types of exercises that make up your abs. These might include doing crunches, sit ups, etc. You also need to do a lot of jogging, at least 25 minutes a day.
Good eating habits are a must. Stop pampering your taste buds with oily snacks and unhealthy fast food. Reduce your milk intake. Follow this and within a couple of months, see the difference.

I have the same problem
by: xio

I have had the same problem all of my life. I have always been thin but my belly has always been an issue for me. I do not even like fatty fast foods. For the past month, I have been doing leg lifts in bed in the morning before I get up. I do 20 of them and then hold my legs up for 10 sec. When I first started I was only able to do 10 leg lifts and I gradually added more. I have not seen a noticeable change but I will try this for a couple of months and see where it takes me. I have also read that working out before eating breakfast will increase your metabolism. Hopefully this helps you too.

Belly fat eliminator!
by: Hunter Schmidt

Having a fat belly is a serious problem especially for a girl like you.

I may be a guy but, I have experienced the same problem like yours. I was worried at first but I did managed to solve my problem.

I have done a very easy-to-do routine that could be done by both men and women. I am proud to say that my routine works and came out very successful.

My routine was composed of two stages namely aptitude and diet. In the aptitude stage, I have done a daily routine which starts every morning.

All I have to do is to do jogging for 2 hours but one and a half hour would be enough for ladies. This routine must be done on a daily basis without missing even one session for one and a half month for both men and women.

The next stage is about diet. In this routine, I have done eating low caloric foods and low fat foods. I also avoid eating chocolates because it adds fats and cholesterol too.

You could try using this too. Good luck and I know you can do it.

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