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Fat Loss for Idiots Is Hard to Do with a Family

by Harriet Jones

I tried the Fat Loss for Idiots diet plan for two cycles- that is twenty-two days.

Living with a husband and three sons, I found the diet plan hard to follow. It is not something that just anybody would be happy doing a modification of.

Therefore, you find yourself doing one meal preparation for the family and a completely different one for yourself most of the time.

I was moderately hungry, but the hunger was manageable. You were supposed to eat until you were satisfied, but not really full, and that is a hard measure to gauge -- especially since I am not satisfied until I am full!

I liked that I got to eat things I like, but the combinations were very strange sometimes.

Eating out in restaurants was not a very real possibility on most days, and family weekend gatherings were tough to deal with as well. Though there were no special foods per se, it was just a weird combination of things to eat.

Special occasions or dating would have been a real problem.

The two splurge days were quite nice, though! If you could plan all social events for those days, it might work better.

It was not an easy diet to stick to for the long haul, and I wouldn't really want to try it again seriously.

The weight loss was really not what was advertised, but that would have been pretty unreasonable anyway. If somebody wanted to try it for a cycle to lose a quick few pounds, it might be okay, but that is the only way I would recommend it.

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