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Experience with yoga

by bharath

This happened a year ago when I was 20, pursuing my 3rd year in engineering. I had put on a lot of weight whereby I looked clumsy.

Then I came across a book called Anandha Ragasiyam (secret of being happy). This book was written by the yoga teacher S. Sundaram, where they explain yoga for beginners. Using the book you don't need a teacher, you can just follow the instructions in the book.

So I got interested and began to work on it. I began to practice in my home myself.

But on the introductory note itself it said the yoga asanas (asanas are yoga postures) are to be done only when the stomach is empty or at least 4 hrs after a meal. So I decided to do it by early morning where the stomach is not fed for at least 7 hours.

The yoga asanas which I feel great for abs are bhujangasana & salabhasana.

In the case of bhujangasana: The person is expected to lie down on his stomach over a mat with his back facing the ceiling.

Then hands are kept side of the body, slowly the head is raised with the help of hand. The stomach and leg must lie on the ground.

Repeat the same for naga asana. The posture resembles a cobra, where the head which has been raised now facing the ceiling looks like the cobra upper part, and the stomach and legs which lies on ground looks like the lower part of the snake.

Care should be taken while raising the head. If suddenly raised from the relaxed position it causes dizziness which I experienced.

Take care while doing yoga, be slow and smart when changing position else undesirable result will be obtained.

Salabhasana: Here too you should lie on your stomach over mat. Keep the hand on the sides of the body.

Now press the upper part of the body till stomach against ground and try to lift the legs. The legs will be in air.

The asana makes the body highly flexible. It gives the strength similar to bamboo stick, where the body becomes flexible but highly rigid inside by contraction of stomach muscles.

Try to lift the legs while air is exhaled. It makes the asana easy.
The time limit for being in that position with legs in air is utmost 30 secs. Do the asana to the maximum of 6 times. For beginners, leg in air position is not more than 15 secs.

For a superb thigh do the sarvangasana: Lie over mat on your back. Slowly but steadily raise the leg with the help of hand.

Now steadily with the help of hand try to lift the whole body and keep it on your shoulders.

Care must be taken. The asana must be done in relaxed mind set. Do not be in hurry while doing yogasanas.

In the starting I was over excited and did the asanas in hurry. While doing sarvangasana I just slipped and crashed my neck.

Doing it in a cool mind set gives control over body and surely it's a stress buster. I have been doing this for a year now, have reduced my waist inches by nearly 6 from 38 to now 32 and I have gained a toned leg with 1inch increase in my height (now my height 5' 10").

Now I practice every day and it has become sort of habit. I feel refreshed and energetic after every session.

I would advise everybody to practice yoga for their own sort but most people worry about their stomach. Hope the above would fit them.

When you're finally ready to lose weight...

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yoga book detail
by: Anonymous

could u pls give more details like publication name, price, where it can be available etc.

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