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Exercise is not working. What's wrong?

by Debbie
(Colorado Springs, CO USA)

I have been exercising regular for 10 weeks, 1 hour per day with interval workouts every other day.

My weight was dropping 1-2 pounds per week.

However, several weeks ago, I stopped losing weight while sticking to the same workout schedule. My heart no longer elevates no matter how hard I work.

What happened? How can I start losing weight again?

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Weight loss plateau
by: Dr. Dan


Well, you've hit a plateau. It happens to all of us at times.

The key to breaking out of a plateau is a change. You have to change something.

There are a number of things you should look at.

Are you sleeping enough? Your body rebuilds at night. You'll have a very hard time losing weight without enough sleep.

Are you getting enough water? Your body doesn't work efficiently without water.

Are there hidden calories in your diet? Cream in coffee. Cokes. "Muffins" for breakfast that are really just fat pills.

As far as the exercise and heart rate, as long as you aren't on medication to slow your heart rate you should be able to get the rate up.

It might be time to adjust your exercise. Are you doing high intensity interval training? That will really put your metabolism in high gear.

Take a look at these things and I think you'll be back on track.

loosing weight slowly
by: Anonymous

First of all it is a very good decision to lose your weight. Exercise only helps when it is done properly, especially with the help of the trainer. If you are going to the gym then make sure that you must obey the instructions of your instructor because he knows more then you, how to lose weight in short time.
I obeyed my instructor and I lose my weight by 10kgs in 45 days. That is more than a miracle for me at least.
I also worked upon YOGA to make my concentration factor more intense.
For losing weight you also going for dieting. I think if dieting is done more than the capacity of the particular person then it also has its reverse effects. I mean to say if you are over dieting and after that if you start eating your normal diet than this is the big factor for obesity. You'll just gain it all back.
Just eat your normal diet and obey your instructor.

A potential reason for your "plateau"
by: Erica G.


Congratulations on the weight you've lost so far. I agree with some of the other responses you've received that if you have stopped gaining from your workouts, it might be time to change it up. Increasing the intensity or weight even slightly could make a big difference.

One other thing you might want to consider is that you haven't plateaued at all. Muscle weighs more than fat and after a while, you may stop losing as much fat, but start gaining muscles. You may even start weighing more even though you are more healthy. I'd strongly recommend looking at things like your BMI, inches on your waist, thighs, chest, and arms. Often times, gyms will offer free measurement sessions that you could take advantage of.

I hope this has been helpful, and keep it up!

by: C.M. Richard

You must change up your routine. The worst thing you can do is get to your point and give up. You will frequently encounter barriers during wieght loss; holidays, vacations, etc. If your exercise routine is exactly the same, your body will become used to the pattern and your metabolism will adjust accordingly.

The key is to keep tricking your body. Have about four different sets of routines, each should last about a week to ten days. Switch them up such that higher aerobic weeks are followed by muscle tone weeks. Add in a week that is a bit more relaxing that focuses on stretching every so often.

Your diet is also important to switch. Your body will begin setting its metabolism according to how and what you eat; very similar to your excercise pattern. You need to fluctuate the number of calories and types of foods. Using the week to ten day strategy, you can create a few schedules of your diet and rotate them with your exercise rotation. Just be sure to be random about your rotations.

Be sure to find time to relax. Meditation is excellent for your mind and body. The body will only be as healthy as your mind.

Don't Quit!
by: Kevin, MO

Hitting that dreaded plateau is annoying. It is like having your little sister scream in your ear all day. It just stays with you.

This is a great time to change a couple things. First, your DIET! Sometimes your metabolism just adjusts. Some people can eat fast food everyday and not gain a pound. It is because their bodies adjust, and they use it for energy. They won't burn any fat but they certainly seem not to gain it either.

So, best thing to do? Add more protein. If you're working out, your body is going to require more protein to help rebuild and repair broken down muscle tissue!

Secondly, change your workout routine. Keep your core workouts in (i.e. Chest, Back, Shoulders, arms) but add in some new ones like plyometrics or yoga. This will help stimulate unused muscle fibers in your body and jump start you past your wall! Good luck!

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