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Exercise, but No Results.

by Nancy Mielke
(Watertown, WI, USA)

I am 22 years old. I was very active in High School and College. I got married and started putting on weight. I do not know what I do differently.

I exercise regularly. I have a DVD walk at home with Leslie Samsung. I love to do it but I get disouragd because I am not seeing results.

I do not eat a lot at meals hoping that will help but it does not help. I feel like I am in shape, I do not breath heavy while doing the walking program but I seem to continue to gain weight.

What can I do differently to help? Are there pills to help? Do I need to do more than just the walking program?

Please let me know if there is something I am not doing that I should be doing. Thank you

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Increase your Intensity
by: Catherine

It sounds like you need to increase the intensity of your work out. If you are doing the same exercise day after day without increasing the intensity or length of time; your body adjusts to it.

In order to see a change, you should add cardio and strength training to your routine. Strength training will help you increase muscle tone. Cardio will help you lose weight and inches.

If you incorporate these things into your work-out and monitor your food consumption, you should see improved results. Remember that it is important to exercise and monitor your food intake in order to remain in the best shape.

Maybe you are insulin resistant??
by: Marizanne

I think you should not count on a magic pill. It could probably help for a while, but it is not sustainable.

You need to work on your lifestyle. I would recommend a variety of exercise. I play soccer, cycle and power walk. This gets your heart rate up and targets different muscle groups.

I don't think it's good to try to eat less at meals. Make it a priority to eat slower, so that your brain registers that is full. Eat oats in the morning, a sandwich in the afternoon and chicken/veggies for dinner. Drink green tea and avoid alcohol and sodas.

Maybe you should visit your doctor and see if everything is on track with your insulin etc. My sister eats extremely healthy and exercises a lot, but she also struggles to lose weight (insulin resistance. Good luck and don't give up!

Remember it is better to be healthy and happy than thin and hungry!

by: Anonymous

As everyone gets older their metabolism slows down. Not to worry, it happens to everyone. You need to do one of two thing to get results, but doing both would get you even better results:
1. Increase the intensity of you workout to include something more aerobic. This should help get you metabolism and energy level up a little more.
2. Change you eating pattern/menu.

Weight loss without dieting or vigorous exercise
by: Jahnabi Das

I was in the same state as of you. In student life I was in good shape but after marriage I started putting on wight.

I consumed a lot of sweet and non-veg things and could not control my lust for such tasty things. I reached 78 Kgs and I am not much tall so I looked like pot bellied one. I was displeased with my figure.

One day I saw a TV program on 'PRANAYAMA', a kind of breathing exercise. It needed just 30-40 minutes of breathing as directed sitting in a place and minor exercises. I just started feeling good within 7 days.

It not only helped me to lose my weight, it improved my overall health. I was very prone to cold, it was cured. I now have energy for the whole day. It also can cure diseases which are thought to be incurable in traditional medical science like hypertension, blood sugar etc. I got control over my appetite automatically.

It will not cost much both in terms of money and effort. Why not give it a try?

Strength Training Works Best
by: Toni

I had the same type of problem in my mid-twenties. One thing I noticed was that aerobics were fine at staying fit but didn't work very well for losing weight (i.e. burning fat).

I took on a personal trainer at a local gym for a few weeks and learned that strength training, such as lifting dumbbells and resistance training like sit-ups and push-ups are best at burning calories due to the INTENSITY of the workout.

Think about it, if you aren't breathing heavily and you don't even break a sweat when you workout, how many calories did you burn? Can't lose the weight until you sweat your way to getting rid of those extra calories and that fat building up around your middle.

Losing weight
by: Kiril

Hey Nancy, what you are doing by skipping meals is NOT good for you, seriously. If you are trying to lose weight, you should eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day. The more you eat the faster your metabolism gets and that means that it will burn the food off faster. When you skips meals your metabolism slows down because of lack of calorie intake.

Jogging would be the best thing to do, because it obviously burns fat faster than walking, and stay away from all those weight loss pills, you don't need them. And try to drink water more often it really does help.

Eat & Change it up!
by: Veronica

I know how you feel. I am 24 years old and was very active up until about age 21. I also got married and I went from a size 3 to a size 9! I am a certified personal trainer, so being fit is in my blood. Here is my advice on what's going on:

Skipping meals is bad bad bad! Believe it or not, the fittest folks around eat 6-7 meals per day. They are SMALL meals though! I don't know what your diet is like, but diet is 50% of getting fit, and exercise is the other 50%.

As for proteins, eat some egg whites, boneless skinless chicken, ground or sliced turkey, and/or lots of fish! As for carbs (not all carbs are bad!), stick with wheat tortillas instead of bread, brown rice, oatmeal, and yams.

And remember, lots of greens! Asparagus naturally flushes out the water weight from your system! Of course, cut out sodas and sugary drinks. Personally, I stick to water and Crystal Lite!

The reason why not eating a lot of meals is bad for you, is because your body will start using your muscle to keep itself going. You may get skinnier, but it won't be fat loss, it will just be weight loss... and there is a big difference! Also, if you don't eat for a while, as soon as you DO eat, your body gobbles it up and you will blow right back up.

The best thing to do is eat small meals every 2 hours, so your body has time to digest and metabolize before you consume more food.

As for exercising, the dvd you have may not be the best for you, OR... your body just may be too used to those exercises. When I used to bodybuild, I would change my workouts every 2 weeks. The reason for this is because your muscles get used to certain exercises and after a while, you begin to "plateau." The best thing for this is what I call a "shock to your system" meaning just change your exercises every couple weeks and it will wake up your body and it will respond much more!

I hope this helped! Good Luck!

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