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Enhancing my basketball training.

by Alessandra

I have been playing basketball since I was 7, and I've always wanted to improve. I was never satisfied.

When I was around 16-17 years old I was still a short girl, and my teammates were all taller than me.

Most of my issues were due to not being able to jump as high as them, but I knew that there were cases of small players who could do much more, despite their height.

So this is what I decided to do: I went to a shop and bought some "ankles weights" and I started to use them every day during my practice.

It wasn't easy of course. Every exercise for me was slower and tougher.

Sometimes I had to force myself to keep going and focus on my goal. But then I started getting used to it and to see the first improvements. I think it took around 1 month.

I still remember when I made my first test: every practice started with various exercises and ended with a match.

I decided to use my weights only for the exercises, to see how much higher I could jump during the game.

Well... when I tried to intercept a toss, to my big surprise the ball ended on my wrist instead of my hand!

I was so happy that it worked so well. From them on I've never abandoned my weights. And you know what? One of my teammate decided to buy them too, after she saw what they did for me!


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