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Elliptical Machine

by Shelly

I started working out a month ago and I have been using the Elliptical Machine three times a week for about 30 to 45minutes. With this workout, I haven't noticed much of a weight loss at all.

I have been eating healthy so that is not the issue.

Is the elliptical machine not enough of a workout or am I not doing enough?

Should I be lifting weights or using the treadmill instead?

I heard the treadmill is a much better workout but it's bad for your knees and joints. Is this true? How can I use my time better at the gym?

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Good Question!
by: Stefanie

Good Question!
I went through nearly the same thing a few years ago. While I?m a big treadmill fan myself, it definitely doesn?t help my knees much!
Try boosting up the resistance on the elliptical. Usually I?ll turn up the resistance, and do an intense 15 min workout until I feel like my legs are going to fall off, then jump on the treadmill and take it a little easier, with a 2 mile brisk walk.
I also usually eat a protein rich meal about 1-2 hours pre-workout. If I cant eat a meal, I?ll grab a yogurt, or a Luna Bar. Good Luck! I hope this helped!

change it up!
by: Jen

You're no longer getting an effective workout because your body has become used to you doing the same thing constantly.
Strength training, either with weight lifting or with an activity such as Pilates will not only help you develop lean muscle mass, but will help shake you out of the plateau effect.
Changing your cardio routine will help as well, try adding in cycling or swimming. You want your body to always be ready to adapt to any change in routine. Good luck!

Probably not enough cardio...
by: Jessica

Since you didn't post your weight or age it is hard to say but using myself as an example I don't think you are doing enough cardio. I am 25 5'6 144 lbs. I workout 3 or 4 times a week for 60 to 90 minutes. I do bike and elliptical (can't use treadmill it kills my asthma). I still find it hard to lose weight but I seem to maintain nicely with this.

I think you need to add at least 1 more day a week and up your workouts to 60 minutes. I also agree with the other comments that you should definitely mix up the elliptical with a little bit with something else.

If you are worried about your joints try the bike or the old fashioned aerobics class is also very low impact. Also I should point out if you do decide to start using weights you probably won't notice much lbs lost but you should notice inches going away.

Keep up the good work though what you are doing already is more than most of the country.

High Intensity Training
by: Bob Quinton

I know that ellipticals tend to be easier on the joints and on the body as a whole, but put simply it just does not provide the same level of intensity that a treadmill would. I recommend trying more jogging/running and using interval training. Google HIIT training to find out more about what this is and how it works. It is going to be a lot more difficult but like usual the harder that you work the more results that you see. Another alternative I suggest are both the row machine and stairs. Both of these are on another level and will push your body to burn more calories.

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