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Eat This, Not That: The only diet that has worked for me...

by Kris

I've realized through the "Eat This, Not That" book series where I was consuming hundreds of more calories for almost the same product. It's very easy to stick to. I recommend it to everyone, and almost everyone who has done the diet/life change with me has stuck to it.

By watching my calories closely on I've found ways to get more snacks in my day that leave me fulfilled and under my caloric intake. I'm rarely hungry, but if I am, I know what I can grab easily to eat.

I've tried numerous diets throughout my life. Almost all of them have failed or have been too expensive or miserable to continue.

The Cookie Diet was a pipe-dream that cost too much. I tried to do it one month for a friend and felt completely ridiculous doing it. I lost no weight and was more grouchy.

Macrobiotic and raw diets are tasteless and very expensive. I was constantly hungry and felt like I would vomit if I had to eat certain foods again.

Atkin's Diet was the 2nd most successful diet that I was on. It was easy to stick to if I bought the right items from their brand or followed a very strict list. It took a lot of self-discipline to stick to, but not nearly as bad as other diets.

The most successful diet that I've been on has been a combination of just eating right, exercising and strength training.

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Note from Dr. Dan


You make some good points. Studies with large numbers of people have shown that Atkins takes a lot of self-discipline, and most people can't stick with it.

The Cookie Diet has been around for many years. I guess the appeal is that you can lose weight and still have something sweet to eat.

Macrobiotic and raw food diets are very difficult for someone that was raised on a meat-and-potatoes diet. By the way, macrobiotic diets have been around for a long time -- first mentioned by Hippocrates the ancient Greek physician around 2,500 years ago.

Dr. Dan

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