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During The Time I Had Been One Of The Fittest Men

by Chandranil
(Calgary, Canada)

I was a man of around 18 to 19 years at the time am talking about. I was one of the promising athletes of our district at that time.

I had to undergo a lot of hard exercises and physical trainings that I would like share herewith.

The district sports authority had arranged a special trainer for us who would come to train us twice a week and for the rest of the days we had to do the exercises that he would train us.

We used to start every day at 6 o’clock in the morning. First of all we had to run round the field for 10 times. The perimeter of the field was about 400 meters.

After that we had to do some exercises on running. Then we had to do some stationary exercises. After that, we had to complete 8 100 meter sprint in minimum time.

But each time we would try to beat the previous timing. This part of the exercise seemed the toughest for us. All these would take around two hours.

Then we were given a half an hour rest. But we were not allowed to sit. We would cool-down ourselves and would lie down to do some abdominal exercises.

After that, we were taken in the gym and there we would do some exercises with some apparatuses like treadmill, bars, dumbbells, bull-walkers, medicine balls etc.

The whole training starting from the running would take around 4 hours and some times even more. The exercises would keep changing from time to time as per the trainer’s instructions.

It would be exaggerating to say I was in the best shape at that time. But what we had to do was highly stressful and bone-breaking. I must say those exercises did not only make us healthy but also keep us mentally sound.

For two long years we had to undergo that training schedule of that trainer to meet the national level sports. I guess it was worth it I did really well in the national meets.

At present, I’m a full time employee under the Central Government. But even today I am as strong, healthy and vital as ever though I have not been to the field for last 6 years. I have never been hurt or injured or had any difficulty due to those exercise schedules.

Finally, I would advise all who reads this, that there is no substitution of hard physical exercises. It will run with you throughout the life.

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