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Dr. Ian Smith's Fat Smash Detox Worked For Me!

by David

I am a yo-yo dieter at best. My wife and I are always trying to find the newest trends in dieting in order to lose a quick 10 lbs before an event or for the summer.

We picked up the Fat Smash Diet by Dr. Ian Smith, after seeing the doctor on Celebrity Fit Club (VH1). The book is easy to read and to follow and provides a lot of information for people who want to maintain a steady diet.

Dr. Smith is so cautious about providing a realistic diet people can follow, so he provides "phases." Each phase can be chosen in any order after the initial "Detox Phase" is completed.

My wife and I quickly got into the Detox Phase after we read the book and jumped on board. In order to detox, we had to follow a strict meal plan of yogurt in the morning, unlimited fruits and vegetables, brown rice and chick peas.

Dinner usually consisted of 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 cup chickpeas, and grilled zucchini. This was followed by grapes and apples for dessert.

I was able to complete the full nine day detox and lost about 10 lbs. I used a food journal to track my diet and provide motivation.

This was an amazing transformation for me. It was the first time I ever ate brown rice and I started to love it.

I am now working on Dr. Ian Smith's 4 Day Diet. With his new diet plan, I worked through the detox phase and two other phases, making it the longest diet plan I've followed.

Dr. Ian Smith is so easy to follow and I highly recommend Fat Smash and 4 Day Diet for people looking for the newest trends in dieting. The phases will truly make people become more successful dieting.

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Similar to Smash Detox, I Like QuickTrim
by: HannahLou

I haven't tried the Smash Detox diet, but I have done a similar diet that took just a little longer than 4 days. I've been using QuickTrim, which you take every day. I did a 14-day detox where one set of pills was taken in the morning and the other at night for a night and day cleanse.

Then I've been using the Burn and Cleanse pills which are safe for everyday use without having to stop after every 14-day batch.

I lost about 25 pounds using the QuickTrim system and exercising, which still puts me about 35 pounds from my target weight but I feel so much better already just with what I have lost. I would say, though, keep going with your Ian Smith diet because everybody is different and yours sounds like a pretty good one. I'm going to keep trying my QuickTrim and if I don't make it to my goal weight with that alone, I'll try Dr Ian Smith's Fat Smash Detox.

My Experience in dieting
by: Samson Addell

I have had similar experiences. I have not used any set diet. I've always improvised.

Some days I went and had nothing but water and juice. I went almost a week without eating. Other times I have restricted my intake.

I'm not sure if I was successful with my diet. While I have lost weight, a lot of the weight was water and muscle. My body fat percentage is still high.

I'm still struggling to get my fitness levels higher. While I have lost a lot of weight, I still lack when it comes to looks.

These diets and their effectiveness depend on the person using the diet. There is not one diet that will work for everyone.

Anyone who is still struggling with their weight should keep trying. If it is worth it to the individual, he should continue to fight for what he wants.

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