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"Dog Made Exercises"

by Amanda Armitage
(Silverdale, Wa, US)

One of the easiest things I have ever done to stay in shape is getting a dog -- a cream and auburn Pomeranian to be exact.

She is very active and energetic. And despite her medium build she is extraordinarily fast and can play in cold and rainy weather, which is perfect because I live in Kitsap County -- one of the rainiest locations in the United States.

Her thick fluffy coat is also great for the snowfall as well.

She encourages me every day to play with her whether it is fetch, tug-a-war, or running.

She is fast and barks if I slow down. I find this really a little annoying but mostly helpful and encouraging.

I do enjoy long walks with her as she does not tire easily. I have more energy during the day and in the morning when I start my day with a walk around the neighborhood with her.

This dog has also inspired me to clean up my back yard and maintain the flower beds, roses and lawn.

I never noticed how cluttered and neglected the garden was in the back since I never really went back there.

Tending to my overgrown backyard was a great workout. It required a lot of physical movement and lifting on my part.

I also find that gardening is very relaxing mentally. And having a beautiful backyard is rewarding.

I suggest that anyone who wants to live a more active and happy life should invest in getting a dog that is perfect for your lifestyle.


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Note from Dr. Dan


What could be nicer than that -- walking and jogging with your dog, and enjoying the beauty of nature in your back yard.

And to top it off you are more relaxed mentally and have more energy. It sounds like the perfect formula.

Dr. Dan

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