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Diets and weaker immune system?

by L.P.


I have been dieting for the past 6 months and I have lost about two stones, (note: a stone is about 14 pounds or about 6 kilograms -- editor) however I constantly catch a cold/flue.

Is there any supplements I need to take to help immune system? Is there anything I am missing in my diet or doing wrong?


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Dieting and the immune system
by: Dr. Dan

There are a number of things you could look at if you are getting a lot of colds.

First, are you around people that are sick a lot? People that work in day care centers, for example, are exposed to a lot of kids with runny noses, and they tend to get sick.

If you are, then you have to really be sure you keep your hands washed and don't touch your nose, eyes or mouth unless you have just scrubbed your hands -- or you can spread germs to yourself.

Don't let anybody cough or sneeze on you. When people sneeze the germs spread out in the air in front of them and just hang there. If you have to be around somebody that is coughing or sneezing, then wear a mask. (Yes, a mask, like the doctors wear in the operating room. It's better than being sick.)

You need to have multivitamins and mineral every day. You will not get enough in your food.

You need enough sleep. If you are worn out your health will suffer.

And probably the most important is the people you associate with. If there is fighting or upset around you, or if someone is criticizing you or tearing you down, then you'll tend to get sick.

It works that way with kids when their parents fight, and it works that way with adults.

When you are in a peaceful, pleasant environment you hardly ever get sick.

Dr. Dan

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