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diet ruiner

by olar_razvan_ioan
(Cluj-Napoca, Romania)

I`m from Romania, and I live in a city named Cluj-Napoca. There is restaurant that I like most. It`s called "Casa Piratilor" (Pirates House). It looks great, the services are perfect and they have kinda funny names for their food: "Captain`s Bitch, The pirate`s Cannon..."

How was the food? Portion sizes?

Well that was the problem. The food was extraordinary, and I`m telling you: after I placed the order, they came with the biggest plate I`ve ever seen. French fries with cheese, rice with vegetables, mushrooms, bacon, steak... I was a amazed. The food was great.. but I couldn` eat more than half. The plate weighs 1,5 Kg.

How does eating there ruin your diet?

Well.. that plate had everything that you shouldn`t eat when you`re on a diet. So I had to do extra-exercise for a few days. That was not cool... but the food was great. You just can`t stop eating.

Usually I go to the gym in order to maintain my weight. My favorite exercise is running.

I uploaded a picture with the restaurant. It`s cool. If you come to Romania you should go there.

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Exercise like a Pirate after that meal!
by: Clara

I love theme based restaurants too! The trick to making theme based restaurants - like your pirate-themed "Casa Piratilor" - work for you is to take the theme and work it into your exercise routine!

After a hearty pirate meal:

* Add a round of sword-play into your exercise routine! Not with real swords, for safety's sake, but grab a stick and swing vigorously for 15 minutes as part of your warm-up! Switch arms to make sure you are getting a balanced workout.

* Work on your balance! Pirates sailed the oceans, on small ships in big waves so they practiced walking and balancing every day. Balance on something tipsy like a board balanced over a water bottle. Even just walking carefully on the edge of the sidewalk on your way home can get your core muscles active.

Similar problem
by: xio

I have been to a similar restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada with my boyfriend. I forgot the name of the restaurant but it had a pirate theme too. It was my first time at this place so I did not know what to expect. I was not that hungry so I decided to get a nacho appetizer. When it arrived at my table I was floored. It looked like a nacho mountain about one foot high. It was incredible. I had never seen anything like it. Needless to say I did not finish the entire dish. If I had known how big it was we could have ordered just that and shared. That?s my advice when eating in places with large portions just share or eat part and save for later.

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