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Diet routines, exercise and weight loss

by liam westlake

I have in the past struggled to maintain a decent weight, I was at my heaviest about 16 stone, and only being 5'6 it looked worse, I am lucky enough to now be 11.5 stone, but my weight keeps fluctuating.
I have tried many, many diets, or just ways of maintaining my weight, but they rarely work, calorie controlled diets rarely work, being at work, it is hard to count my calories.
And after work, much of the time I rarely have time to cook myself a healthy meal, and usually resort to a take away, which doesn't help!
I am considering taking up exercise routines, just so i can maintain my current weight, is it worth me taking up a sport of some kind?
Not to become more toned at all, just for weight loss purposes, any feedback will be welcomed!
Many thanks Liam W.

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Getting control over your weight
by: Dr. Dan


When you are trying to lose weight it can seem like nothing works.

But the truth is:

There are things that work, if you do them.

And, you do have the ability to do what needs to be done.

You have to start somewhere. Doing sports is a good idea for losing weight -- if you choose the right sport. It should be something you like so you will keep at it and not quit.

And it should be something where you get your heart beating and work up a sweat. Otherwise it won't help with your weight.

As far as calorie control diets -- you say they rarely work. Calorie control diets will only work if they are constructed properly and if you actually follow them.

You might need to have one day each week where you cook nutritious, healthy food. Then you can freeze it and use it through the week.

That can keep you away from the take-away food. You will never have the body you want if you eat in restaurant food. Unfortunately, that's just a fact.

Good luck to you.

Dr. Dan

controll over your diet
by: Anonymous

By doing regular exercises and control over diet one can increase their life span.

While taking food one should keep one thing in the mind "eating food is the part of life to live" and should not think as we born just to eat.

By doing regular small exercises like running and simple stretching of muscles one can be healthy and active.

For losing over weight one should not take food with extra fat but should eat fruits and green leafy vegetables more. And should drink water -- as much as 10 liters a day.

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