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Diet change needed?

by Amanda

I recently graduated from college and have moved back home. While away at school last semester, I rarely worked out.

I’m trying hard to get back into shape and start running road races again. I try to do at least twenty-five minutes of cardio each day (though I’d be lying if I said I actually do exercise daily).

My diet isn’t the greatest, but I don’t eat a ton either-just not always the most nutritious food choices. I usually eat two meals a day due to my work schedule. I try to stay away from sodas, chips, and other easy calories to cut.

Will I lose weight simply by this increase in my physical activity or do I need to alter my eating habits as well?

Also, is cardio enough or do I need to lift weights?

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Diet improvement? Resistance training?
by: Dr. Dan


If you are not overweight now you may be "getting away with it" because you are young.

Most people that have a diet that "isn't the greatest" end up gaining a couple pounds each year. Two or three pounds a year is 20-30 pounds (10-15 kg) in 10 years.

That's how middle aged people end up 50-75 pounds (25-35 kg) overweight. They think it's normal.

Two meals a day probably means you are skipping breakfast. Almost all overweight people skip breakfast. Or they eat breakfast rolls or some sort of greasy-cheesy-sausage drive-through food.

Then they wonder why they have diabetes, high blood pressure, gout and heart attacks. They think they just need more pills.

What you do now will affect the rest of your life. Do you need to do weight lifting? Well, if you do you'll have good muscle tone and strong bones. Your joints will stay healthy.

And when you're older, instead of being in a wheelchair or bed, you'll be riding bicycles with your grandchildren -- or you'll be out hiking with your great-grandchildren. That's not an exaggeration.

The choices you make today will determine your future. You have the chance right now to be fit and healthy. So, what are you going to do?

Dr. Dan

Try it!!
by: Sunny

I was also facing the same problem as i am also a college goer. You just keep a check over your exercise.
It's not necessary that you must have a fixed exercise schedule. You can maintain yourself simply by playing anything you like, maybe basketball or football.
But don't just cut or reduce your diet because it will only make you weak in long term view. But if you eat more junk food, it will increase fat and nothing else.
Make sure you don't have your exercise session just after or before meal time. Try to avoid it. Set your goals and procced for it!!!!Good luck!

Yes your need a diet change
by: Anonymous

From my personal experience, you definetly need to change your dieting habits. It is very important to eat more than two meals a day. In fact, many elite athletes and very fit people eat up to six small meals a day.

Also, it is good that you are exercising and doing cardio, but I would try to add some intensity to your cardio sessions a few times a week, and possibly add strength training once or twice a week. More muscle means you will burn more fat.

One last tip is to make sure you are eating soon after your workout. Be sure to have something with protein and carbs, which will help your muscles to begin recovering and rebuilding.

Diet change
by: Crystal

One of the best ways to lose weight besides exercise is to put a lot of green, leafy vegetables in your diet. If you consume at least one salad a day, you will see results. You will also feel better. When I say say salad, I am not talking about iceberg lettuce, rather, things like Chard, Kale, and leafy green or red lettuces. There is a whole world of delicious vegetables to open yourself up to, and once you start eating them on a regular basis, you will find that you are actually craving them.
The best additions to a salad, in my opinion, are things like snow peas or sugar snap peas, fresh peeled, then sliced beets, turnips, apples, berries, nuts, cucumbers, feta cheese or fresh chicken or turkey for extra protein.
Drizzle your salad with flax seed oil. Flax seed oil, if taken everyday for six months, will change the way your body thinks about food. You will find that you are not craving sweets and bad fats as much. Yes, flax seed oil is high in fat, but it is a good, unprocessed fat, that most Americans are deficient in, and will actually help you get to, and maintain a healthy body weight. You should take 1 tablespoon per one hundred pounds of body weight.
Good luck! It's not easy at first, but you can do it, and will be better for it!

by: Anonymous

Ya to get into shape and to remove excess fat You have to do physical training. running alone is boring. try turning to some sports like tennis. it will tome up your arms, waistline shoulders. hit the gym. do not do heavy weights try the light weights first. and coming to the diet part. avoid milk products, as you have said that you keep away from junk food and chips. try having a diet which is protein rich like grilled fish, chicken and soybean. drink a lot of water or else buy a sipper and keep sipping water regularly. i played tennis for one hour and walking for 15min everyday. i reduced 5kilos in 2months without any huge effort

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