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Diet After Menopause

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Easy, fast weight loss

Weight loss after menopause isn't a simple problem. There isn't an easy solution. There is no "easy, fast weight loss" after menopause.

But it's not impossible either. If you do all of the things listed here for your diet after menopause you at least have some hope of having a body you are happy with.

Find your real calorie requirements

So where do you start? First, you need to figure out how many calories you really burn in a day. You can use this calculator to find out.

It's not exact, but it gives you a pretty good starting point for your diet after menopause. You can make adjustments as your track your progress.

Next, you need a food scale, and you need to weigh your food. Sure it's some work to weigh your food.

You might not like the idea. But what's it worth to you? A lot. You should just do it.

Eliminate non-productive calories

Cut out all the excessive fruit from your diet. An apple a day is fine. Juice is completely out.

Stop all sodas. No regular soda. No diet soda. Diet soda causes cravings for sweets. And it's full of chemicals that you don't need.

No artificial sweeteners. None. Not in your coffee. Not in anything. Need something to sweeten your coffee or tea? Try sugar. A teaspoon has 15 calories. You can have 2 teaspoons a day. That's more than enough.

These things don't contribute to a strong body. Get rid of them.

Shift from calorie dense foods to nutrient rich foods

Don't eat in restaurants. You can easily get 1500 calories from a single restaurant meal.

Don't eat packaged foods. No matter whether it's "low-calorie" or "low-fat" or "low-carb" or "diet" or "healthy." Forget it. No packaged foods.

You need protein every time you eat. Protein will increase your metabolism. It has a special property that revs up your metabolism every time you eat it. So have at least a couple bites of protein every 3 hours or so. You'll see a difference.

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