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Dedicated Belly Fat diet

by Heather
(Virginia beach, va)

I have always had a hard time with diets. Sweets are my nemesis. The Belly Fat diet wasn't that difficult to follow and the food was really good.

The only issue I had was eating three meals a day. Like most of the population I am really busy and don't always have time for breakfast, and that seems to be the meal I skip the most. I would much rather add skim milk to a Carnation powder breakfast shake and go along my day.

As for the diet it worked with diet and exercise. Finding some of the foods was a little difficult but once I got into the groove of it the diet became easier and easier.

I like that you get to have a snack in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. That seemed to curb my appetite in the big meals and I didn't add as much of a helping on my plate.

I would definitely suggest the diet, as long as you have some willpower and don't mind switching some of your favorite foods. I am still on the diet but have added other foods in the weekly program.

I am still losing weight and as soon as the first 10 lbs came off it became fun to melt off the rest. I started taking classes at my gym and we got a dog so I take him for a run.

This diet was exactly what I needed to jump-start my weight loss. I didn’t tell my family but I cook the dinners in there for them too. We could all eat a little healthier.

When you're finally ready to lose weight...

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