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Decline Barbell Press

Decline barbell press -- lower chest and triceps

The decline barbell press works the lower chest and the triceps. It is a way to get variation into the chest workout.

When you combine flat bench press, incline press and decline press you'll get better overall development of the chest muscles.

Start lying on a decline bench holding weight with arms outstretched

man doing decline barbell press with woman as spotter starting position

Decline barbell press -- starting position

The decline barbell press is done with a special bench. The bench is higher at the feet and lower at the head. There is a rack to hold the weight.

You should have a spotter for this exercise. Lift the weight from the rack and steady it.

Lower the weight until it is just above your chest

man doing decline barbell press with woman as spotter, weight just above chest

Decline barbell press -- second position

Slowly lower the weight to just above your chest. Pause briefly and then extend your arms to the starting position.

Practice this exercise with lighter weights first until you get used to the movement. Then go to heavier weights.

You will find that you can lift a lot of weight with this exercise. The lower chest is typically quite strong.

You might find that it takes a bit of practice until the balance and position feels right. Since your head is lower than your feet it is a position you are probably not used to.


This exercise can also be done with dumbbells, one in each hand, rather than with the bar.

Dips exercise the triceps and lower chest too. However dips are an advanced exercise, so you should be quite strong before you attempt them. But there are machines that you kneel on or stand on that assist with dips by taking some of the weight off your arms, and these can be done even if your arms are not too strong.

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