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Cycling is a fun workout -- and the girls love me

by Dalibor Cakaric

Cycling is very good workout and it's very fun too. I am cycling every day and it's really working for me.

I do this just for fun, but I see on my body that is a very good workout.

I have nice muscles on my legs and really nice abdominals. Girls says I have the most beautiful abdominal muscles they have ever seen.

Every day after lunch I take about 1 hour to 2 hours of my time and go cycling.

I stop at different locations every day just to see different things. I love cycling. Since I go to different locations every day it's not boring.

Some people buy a stationary bike. They can ride that bike at home in front of the TV, but that is not the same.

Cycling is not hard and everyone can do it. I am a smoker and if I can do it, then everyone can.

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