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CrossFit -- 20 minutes of torture

by Daphne
(Los Angeles,CA)

I have tried everything. It all works but then I lose interest or it gets too costly. So, last year I started doing something called CrossFit.

I am 38 years old and not in shape. A mom of one.

Everyone else in the place was in military shape. Doing burpees and other crazy stuff.

The first time I did it I threw up on the drive home.

Fifteen minutes of kettle ball swings, burpees, medicine ball throws and jump ups without stopping.

Some days it would be rowing 600 meters 5 times with a one minute rest in between sets.

Other days it would be 1 minute of push squats with 35 pounds, squats, burpees, pull ups.

The time I went I usually had a trainer all to myself. If someone else showed up randomly at that time, they'd join in.

They have a saying, their work out is your warm up. It's true. I loved it. No idea why except that maybe there is a huge adrenaline rush from doing it?

I toned up pretty fast and my conditioning went way up. Unfortunately, so did my weight. I built muscle which is great but I was too big to begin with.

I looked better but put on ten pounds of muscle in 3 months.

I stopped doing it but still think about going back someday. I now have a trainer once per week and ride my exercise bike 3 days in addition to the trainer.

I think it's a great thing for strong, motivated people to try. People who aren't intimidated by very muscular sweaty guys working out around you.

They groan and yell and throw the weights around. It's very competitive. They have national competitions. Every workout is recorded for time.

I still can't believe I used to do it.

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