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Cookie Diet Is As Dumb As It Sounds

by Sasha Bedingfield
(Tempe, AZ, USA)

Can cookies help you lose weight?

Can cookies help you lose weight?

Ok ok, I'm probably the only one who is going to review this because I was the only one dumb enough to buy it. But hear me out.

I know it's pretty much expected that a "Cookie" diet isn't going to work, but if you check Ebay or something, there are soooo many people selling the products they didn't use, and it's so cheap.

I figured it wouldn't hurt, since the pack I got ended up costing less than I normally spend on protein bars at the supermarket... and honestly it didn't hurt anything, it just didn't help either.

I got it, did some research, and committed for like .... 3 days. These cookies claim to "Control your hunger" which is untrue completely. Also, they taste nothing like cookies.

They taste just like those stupid protein bars that are supposed to taste like cookies as well: AKA like cardboard.

When you sign up for a "Cookie" diet, you'd think you'd either get cookies, or something that would help you with your diet, but no. By the time dinner comes around (the only meal you're allowed to eat) you would give your eye for a piece of broccoli and a big steak - any real food.

This diet is basically the same thing as going out and buying a ton of granola bars and not eating anything else all day.

I did not lose any weight, and I was annoyed the whole time because I knew I could be eating real food with fewer calories that would be more satisfying! So I gave it up and am using the rest of my box up slowly as snack replacements.

Honestly, if you take them for that, instead of granola or something, they aren't bad. I'd even say that if you see them cheap enough, it's worth trying out.

Just don't expect it to be a whole "diet" because it's just another snack food.

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