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Chinese Buffet of Fat

by Tina Lipinski
(Lincoln, NE)

Any Chinese Buffet is filled with fatty options and unlimited portions. You can go back as many times as you'd like, filling your plate with these calorie infested foods.

For me, my problem is the "Great China Buffet" in Lincoln, Nebraska. Sure, I could stick to the steamed rice, but my will power is limited and I find it impossible to ignore the smothered General's chicken or the mongolian beef. I can't avoid the deserts, the fried rice, and the unlimited goodness.

The food tastes amazing, and it's a buffet. So there I go, each time, piling my plate with mouth watering dishes. Chicken, beef, pork, seafood. I can't stop myself.

Portion control is my biggest roadblock in my diet. Even when I eat considerably healthy foods, I eat them in large amounts. The Chinese Buffet is sure to stop my in my goal to control portions -- every time.

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The Chinese Deep-Fry Everything!
by: campffire

I have to agree that Chinese Buffets are the worst restaurants to eat in if you are on a diet! Just look around at the other patrons the next time you go- heavy-weights, every one!
We all think of oriental food being healthy- it is mostly vegetables, cooked lightly using very little oil in a wok, but that does not seem to be the case at the buffets! Every dish seems to be deep-fries, and when you take a close look at the food in the steam pan, you can see the oil puddling around it.
I try to eat mostly the vegetables when I go- my sons love the place near us and they always want to go, so I can't always avoid eating there.
The sushi seems like a good lo-cal choice, too. There always seems to be a variety of fresh fruit available, too.
The all-you-can-eat part seems like a temptation which is too difficult to get around. I always leave there feeling like I want to take a nap, but I have found a way to counter that urge.
I have made a promise to myself that when we get home, I will take a "power walk" until that over-stuffed feeling subsides. My version of a power walk is to grab my three-pound weights and hit the streets of my quiet neighborhood. I swing the weights in an exaggerated way as I swing my arms for a while. Then, I do bicep curls with the weights, then put my arms above my head, then straight out at arms' length, both in front and at my sides. I walk like this until I feel normal again- I feel that moving around after a big meal like that helps with my digestion.
I used to feel like an idiot doing my power walks around the neighborhood, until one evening when one of my neighbors, sitting on his front porch, applauded as I walked by!

I've done the same
by: Anonymous

I went to a chinese buffet near where I live. I find all the food so delicious, especially the fried rice. I've found that it helps to just avoid these restaurants, or to pick only a couple of dishes that you will allow yourself. Thankfully, the restaurant near me doesn't do good desserts, so it's not too much of a problem shying away from those!

I also tend to plan my visits, so I know that I'll be breaking my diet well in advance. This means that I can plan extra sessions at the gym or running, before and after the meal, so that I enjoy it more and don't feel as bad.

Cheap and nasty food
by: Anonymous

Most of the Chinese buffet restaurants I have visited have been very cheap, easy to eat food but not nice. The food will more than likely be filled with bad things and this will definitely include fat and calories etc.

And, as it?s a buffet, most people try to eat as much as they can for there moneys worth! It is hard to control how much you eat, and it is very difficult to limit when there is an unlimited amount of food staring you in the face.

All in all, I believe Chinese buffets are a no-no for any dieter.

the sleepy feeling may be msg
by: Anonymous

Lots of Chinese food contains MSG. Even though many restaurants will tell you they don't add it, it is often in the seasonings they do use. It can make you feel sleepy. My husband and I can both tell when we have been dosed with it, because it requires a nap. Your power walks sound great, whether it is being overstuffed, or MSG.

chinese every couple of weeks
by: Anonymous

I see all negative comments.Don't tell me your Chinese buffet hasn't got a soup,salad,and fruit bar. Everyone I've been in has them.
Eating at a buffet will not render your diet lost, remember, everything in moderation. I go every couple to three weeks and still I stay within my calorie limit. It's what and how much you eat that decides.
I have been on my diet for only two months but have lost over twenty lbs. I went from 254 to 231 as of Monday. And I exercise daily (that's also important). So relax and enjoy yourself ONCE IN A WHILE, just continue as before with your diet and you will pick up where you left off.

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