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Cheesecake Factory is the worst

by Nancy
(Truckee, CA, USA)

I think the Cheesecake Factory is the worst restaurant to eat at when I am trying to lose weight.

They are a a chain restaurant and located across the country. Their food is delicious but the portions are obscenely huge.

I ordered a chicken pot pie that could have fed my entire family of 4 (that includes 2 teenagers)!!

The other problem is that you think you might be eating something healthy (like the stir fry for example) but the portion is so big and the food is so good that you keep eating and end up consuming way more than you should have.

Also, the desserts are so good and fattening (cheesecake) and the portions again are way too much.

So if you go there, consider splitting the entrees and you might do better.


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I have to agree about Cheesecake Factory
by: Emilia Remus

I couldn't agree more with this being one of, if not the worst restaurants when it comes to dieting, or just overall healthy eating.

When I was recently doing the Weight Watchers diet we were invited to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Since we had been out before while on the diet I thought I would be o.k. However, I was stumped.

Now don't get me wrong I LOVE the food there. It is always fresh and high quality. Unfortunately it is a caloric and fat nightmare.

The food portions are amongst some of the largest I've ever see. Even if you only ate half of your entree, you would still be way above your fat gram allowance for the day (maybe even the week).

Not to mention their appetizers and absolutely delicious desserts, which are almost impossible for me to resist. I say save this for a special once a year treat.

I say if you are dieting, try another place, or try to eat something before you go and stick to one of the weight management salads (dressing on the side), drink lots of water and skip the dessert. Then I like to go for a nice long walk.

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