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Calories needed for weight loss (Goal weight 70kg)

by Liesel
(South Africa)

My current weight is 80kg, height 175cm and my age 35years. I would like to know how much calories I need daily to lose 10kg and reach my goal weight of 70kg....

I exercise moderately for 4 days a week for an hour(cardio and weight training).

I would also like to know how much protein, carbs and fats is needed. I eat fairly healthy but weekends is my weakness. That's when I tend to over eat (I need to be more disciplined on weekends).

Is it possible to accomplish my goal in 3 months time? I would really like to be lean and healthy, I just need the right advice. Thanx.


Do you need a little more help with your weight?

Note from Dr. Dan


    It's possible for you to lose 10 kg in 3 months, but it's probably not the best way for you to do it. If you give yourself a little longer (4-5 months) you'll have an easier time of it and you'll be more likely to keep the weight off.

    If you lose weight too fast you'll end up hungry and when you go off your "diet" you'll end up gaining the weight back.

    So, at your current weight you are burning about 2334 calories per day. You can use the calculator to find out how many calories your body burns per day at daily calorie calculator.

    So if you cut back to about 1850 calories per day you should have a nice steady weight loss. Just keep track of your weight. You might need to adjust the calories up or down depending on how fast you lose weight.

    Here's how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you need:

    Protein 139-162 grams/ day
    Carbohydrate 185-209 grams/ day
    Fat 52-72 grams/ day

    You can use the calculator to figure out how much fat/ protein and carbohydrate you need each day at protein, fat and carbohydrate calculator.

    Good luck with your program,

    Dr. Dan

Comments for Calories needed for weight loss (Goal weight 70kg)

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Exercise is the key
by: Guy Arrigo


It sounds like you are doing fine to me. I know that I just have to get my regular exercise. If I don't feel slow and miserable.

I also started keeping track of what I was eating. When I did I found out that I was eating a lot more carbs that I thought.

Good luck on hitting your goal.

by: Anonymous

My current weight is 70kg, height 5.2 and my age 25years. I would like to know how much calories I need daily to lose 10kg and reach my goal weight of 50kg....

regain weight
by: Sadaf

Dear sir,

eight month ago , when i started exercising i had approx 90 kg weight now i have 77kg my question is this m doing excerises 15minutes cyclying + 15 to 20minutes other exercises like jogging, plunk , breathing exercises , leg raise , setup etc and i also doing dieting but m sstarting gaining weight again last month ihad 75 kg now i have 77 kg weight i want to reduce at least 30kg weight in few month plz suggest what will i do? m facing constipation problems and i'm a working as a computer operator
Awaiting for your precious Advice
thanks & Regards
Sadaf from Pakistan

How calculate the calouries? NEW
by: Anonymous

Sir my weight is about 70 to 72. My age is 17 i burn fats easily? and how I calculate the calouries????

how Loose Weight NEW
by: Adeel

My current weight is 91kg, height 5.8 and my age 32years. I would like to know how much calories I need daily to lose 21kg and reach my goal weight of 70kg.

Help me plz NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 15 yrs old and my weight is about 75 kg . Hw can I burn the more kcal I also do 5 min exercise cycling and 5 min skipping rope. Plz help me out

I think I have hit a saturation point. NEW
by: Kartik

Hi! I am 19 yrs old and 5'10". About 50 days ago I weighed about 86 kgs and now I am at 75 kgs. For those days I followed a strict Ketogenic Diet. But my goal stays at 70 kgs and for the past week I haven't lost any weight. My daily calorie intake is about 1500-1600 right now. I even exercise a little almost everyday like for about 30-40 mins of stationary cycling, some core and cardio workout.
Help me find a solution for this stopped progress.

fast loss NEW
by: Anonymous

Youtube: Snake diet

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