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Cable Rows

Cable rows -- exercise to strengthen the back and biceps

Cable rows strengthen the entire back as well as the biceps. They are a primary exercise in any back routine.

Cable rows work the erector spinae muscles in the lower back, the lats at the side of the back and the deep muscles in the mid back.

Start with your feet on the foot rest and the bar gripped firmly in both hands

Cable rows -- starting position

Cable rows -- starting position

Your knees should be slightly bent. You should be about 90 degrees at the hips.

Have a firm grip on the bar. Keep your back straight.

Bring the bar to your mid-abdomen

Cable rows -- second position

Cable rows -- second position

Smoothly contract your biceps and back muscles to bring the bar to your mid-abdomen. Maintain your form and don't jerk the weight.

Your upper arms should be alongside your chest wall. Your elbows should be at about 90 degrees.

Don't overextend

Cable rows -- hyperextended

Cable rows -- hyperextended

You don't need to overextend to get the benefit from this exercise. If you find yourself needing to extend too far you may be using a weight that is too heavy for you to use good form.

Don't over flex

Cable rows -- over flexed

Cable rows -- over flexed

There's no reason to bend or flex too far forward in this exercise. That can put too much strain on the lower back.

Often overlooked

The back muscles tend to be overlooked in most training programs. This may be due to "out of sight -- out of mind." You can't see your back when you are working out, so it seems to lose some of its importance.

But if you have a strong back you will feel better, you'll be able to do more things and you'll be less likely to have back pain.

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