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Cabbage Soup Isn't The Worst, Isn't The Greatest

by Dolly

Easy to prepare

I actually love cabbage, so I thought the cabbage soup diet would work out well for me. Its reasonably easy to prepare, and it doesn't take a lot of effort to stick to the diet as there is no measuring or weighing.

I think that it is even reasonably healthy if it is made with other vegetables. Also, I am a good cook, and was able to change it up a little each time.

Sometimes I made it with cayenne pepper, or Cajun seasoning, or curry, and this varied the flavor as well as adding a bit more nutrition for 0 calories.

Not so easy to stick to

It isn't as easy to stick to as I thought it would be, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

It's not ideal to take to work, especially since you're likely to want a couple of bowls of it with you.

Watching others eat

By the third day of eating cabbage soup while watching my coworkers eat from local restaurants, I was ready to pitch my bowl out the window.

Eating it around the house wasn't easy either, as even just warming it up while I cooked for other household members seemed a chore.

May work for quick weight loss

The benefits of the diet are that it can be changed up a little with some alteration to the recipe, and the basic principle that weight loss occurs when calories expended are less then calories consumed is used here.

This diet may be good for someone who is interested in very quick weight loss before a change in diet and exercise is implemented to maintain any benefit.

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