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Boxer's Workout

by Patrick
(Santa Rosa, CA)

The boxing workout doesn’t consist of the constant gut punches or dodging shots that you might think, but it will give you the same feeling.

The workout starts out with some simple jumping in place to get loosened up, but this is where the workout begins, and you don't stop moving until the hour and a half is over.

After loosening up, you begin to throw slow repetitive combos, like jab jab cross for about ten minutes, slowly increasing pace.

Then after this, you're ready to begin. You are given a pair of 5 pound weights, which you repeatedly raise in front, to the side and over head, then hold in front of you, to the side and over head for 30 second intervals.

After the weight session is over, its time to put the gloves on and go to work on the bag. Throwing combos over and over again for 10 to 15 minutes straight, constantly moving around the bag and shuffling your feet.

Take a "break", to do 50 push ups, leg raises, squats, and various types of sit ups, then return to the bag.

Repeat this cycle once more after a ring session of dodging and hitting mitts, and top it off with some jump rope and that's your typical boxing workout.

If it doesn't sound hard, give it a try, but remember, even when your "resting", keep moving your feet. It gives me a good sweat, and that "wow my legs are a little wobbly" feeling after most work outs.

When you're finally ready to lose weight...

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