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Body-For-Life working and wonderful!

by Ryan Sebring

I tried the Body-For-Life diet after my uncle used it to get back into shape after he quit the military. He realized excellent results, and as I had always been overweight since middle school he recommended I read the book and give it a try.

At first I did not like the program because the diet seemed overly restrictive and simplified and I was not comfortable inside of a gym.

After some early stumblings though, and with a LOT of recipe help from my sister-in-law I was able to find easy ways to prepare the healthier meals touted as necessary in the book.

After a short while of simple food alterations I noticed that I had more energy, but that I was not realizing much weight loss.

Reluctantly I dragged myself to the gym, and after about 3 weeks of misery the pain and boredom of working out gave way to sort of a euphoric sense of accomplishment after each workout.

I looked forward to the 'high' of a good sweat, and the first time I completed a full set of 12 reps of a weight that previously I could barely get 6 reps out of, I felt accomplished.

The weight then began to slowly melt off, and to date I have lost 22 pounds and still enjoy the plan.


When you're finally ready to lose weight...

Note from Dr. Dan


Interesting results. You experienced two of the things that happen on a properly designed program.

First, you found that with adjustments to your diet you got more energy. The typical diet barely has adequate nutrition for the person to function in life, let alone have a healthy and active life.

So it's no wonder there is so much diabetes and high blood pressure. The body is just struggling.

And second, you saw what happens when you get moving. It is sometimes a struggle to get started. There is that law of inertia -- bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.

But after a few workouts you get the other side of the law of inertia -- bodies in motion tend to stay in motion -- and the workouts get easier and more productive and actually are fun.

But if you never break through the initial barriers you never realize how much better you'll feel.

Dr. Dan

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