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BMX my secret weapon to being lean and mean.

by Pmac3000

table top from 08

table top from 08

Whenever a friend of mine asks me what they should do when it comes to losing weight, toning muscles or increasing their stamina, I always have the same simple answer: "Ride a bike."

They always look at me like I am crazy, and maybe they are right. I am crazy about riding bikes, and my body shows it. Want to learn my secret to success? Well, here it is.

I started riding BMX bicycles back in 97. When I first started I couldn't do anything except ride.

I just kept putting the hours in -- usually four hours, sometimes up to eight hours a day. As time passed I was bunny hoping over curbs and having a blast.

Things where not all sunshine and lollipops though. I had to deal with a lot of people who thought I was a poser who would quit and never look at my bike again.

They would toss soda cans and food at me from their cars. They called me names and did everything they could to make me look like a fool in front of my peers. Through it all I just kept pushing on.

As the years passed I began to notice my body was changing. My forearms, biceps and thighs grew quite large. My lungs where stronger than they had ever been.

Since my body was feeling and looking good my opinion of myself changed for the positive.

Not only that, but my actual BMX riding was top notch, and in a few years I went from a "poser" to the "best" BMX rider in town.

To this day I still ride my bike from time to time, and even though I do not ride as much as I did my body still shows the benefit of years of BMX workouts.

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